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Welcome to FindAWritingGroup.Com,
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Writing is by nature a solitary business, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone.

If you're looking for a writing group or you'd like to promote one. If you want to start up something new or just want to connect with other writers online, this is the place for you.

Whether on-line or in-person, a good writing group gives you a sense of belonging, a feeling that, wherever you are on your journey, however far you still have to go, you’re at least heading in the right direction, and the path ahead is well-lit, well-trodden, and lined with folks prepared to help you along. 

Trouble is, how do you find one?

That's where FindAWritingGroup (FAWG) can help.  A free to join, free to use network of writers of all genres and skill-levels available to writers anywhere in the world.

 - Find links to writing groups around the world through a network of Yahoo Groups.

 - Promote your own writing groups on the network.

 - Find other writers near where you live.

 - Read the on-site blog,
Write Around The World, where you can learn from writers, agents and editors.


Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you live in Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA and you’re looking to join a creative writing group.  Your Google search takes you to (FAWG for short).  From there, you’d follow the link from the Find A Writing Group page to the relevant Yahoo Group.  Once you join, you’ll find by-county links to writing groups throughout New Jersey.  What's more, you get to connect with other writers in your own country/state.


Who will join/run these groups? 

Other writers, just like you and me.  They join the FAWG network to find a local writing group, promote or start up their own (be it a statewide organization, like the GSHW, in New Jersey, or a small meeting at a local Barnes & Noble) or just to connect online with other writers in their country/state. 

Why would they stay?

Aside from the obvious networking benefits, I hope to make a useful writing website.  It comes with a blog (I’ve called it Write Around the World) and a Live Journal community. 

As well as copying my weekly selection of interesting posts about writing on there, I hope to persuade some of my writer/agent/editor friends to guest post on a regular basis.


Why would someone set up/moderate a FAWG Yahoo group?

I’ll add a brief bio of anyone who sets up and/or moderates a FAWG Yahoo group to the FIND A WRITING GROUP page here, along with a link to their personal blog and website.  As the FAWG network grows, those people should see a significant increase in traffic.


Is it hard to set up a Yahoo Group or link an existing one to FAWG?

It’s a straightforward process.  I’ve even provided a step by step guide for setting up a FAWG Yahoo group (please note, you'll need a Yahoo ID first).  Once you’re up and running, there should be little maintenance needed (I’ve  run two Yahoo groups for over a year now, and aside from the occasional spam message, I’ve had no problems).  Of course, from a networking point of view, you may want to start and/or get involved in some of the writing discussions that take place, but that’s entirely up to you.     


I’m interested in helping.  What do I do now?

Thank you.  Please spread the word. 

If there isn't already a FAWG Yahoo group for your country or state, and you'd like to start one, follow the instructions on the
Set up a FAWG Group page (You don't have to be a seasoned professional writer to join or set one up or link an existing Yahoo group to the network).  

Any suggestions, opinions are, as always, most welcome. 

Jon Gibbs
 Come for the links, stay for the learning  





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