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Over time, I hope to add FAWG links to countries all around the world.  If you'd like to help me get things going, or you've set up a FAWG group and want to send me the details, please contact me:

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Jon Gibbs

Alabama  FAWG Alabama, USA  is run by Aimee Love.  Aimee writes in several genres and is always looking for a reason to stop, even for an evening. A writers group seems like an excellent excuse and has the benefit of still making her look like she's being productive. 

California  FAWG California, USA  is run by native Brit and expert procrastinator,  Jenny Hilborne.  Jen is a mystery/suspense writer.  Her debut novel, Madness and Murder (Echelon Press), came out in June 2010.  She also has a blog on wordpress

Colorado  FAWG Colorado, USA  is run by Julie Campbell.  Julie is a fantasy writer. Her debut novel, Arabian Dreams, will be published by Echelon Press in 2011/12. When she's not out riding her horse she can usually be found with a cat on her lap, sitting in front of her computer. She has a blog, Writer's Lair, on Live Journal

Florida  FAWG Florida, USA  is run by Debi Matlack. Debi Matlack has been a writer all her life. What she'd really like to try now is being an author. A successful one sounds like even more fun. Otherwise, she's still not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Louisiana  FAWG Louisiana, USA  is run by Amanda Heroman. Amanda is currently working on a fantasy trilogy,  Splintered Kingdoms. 

Massachusetts  FAWG Massachusetts, USA  is run by Carly Carson. Carly has a romance novella, Scarlet and the Sheriff, published by eRedSage and a futuristic novel under contract by the same publisher. 

Maryland  FAWG Maryland, USA  is run by Morgan Quinn. Morgan likes to write Arthurian fiction and GLBT fiction - often at the same time. He's currently writing the first drafts of his Arthurian trilogy, The King's Raven, run as well as a stand-alone Arthurian novel, The Dragon and the Dove. He has a blog on, Prince of Bastards on Live Journal (Warning: some content NSFW).

New Jersey  FAWG New Jersey, USA  is run by Jon Gibbs. Jon's debut novel,
 Fur-Face (Echelon Press), came out in June 2010.  He has a blog, An Englishman in New Jersey and can usually be found hunched over thecomputer in his basement office. One day he hopes to figure out how to switch it on.

Pennsylvania   COMING SOON! 

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