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If you'd like to set up one of the FAWG  or convert an existing group to become a FAWG link for your country/state, please follow the instructions below:

Step by step guide to creating a Yahoo Group


1: Sign in to your Yahoo account.


2: Type “” into the address bar.


3:  In the Search Group Categories box: Type ‘Creative Writing’ click on ‘Go


4:  A list of matching categories appears.  The top one reads ‘Entertainment Arts: Humanities: Books and Writing: Writing: Creative Writing  Click on it.


5:  On the next window, click on the tab marked ‘Place my group here


You should now be on Step 2 of 3

6:  Group Name: Type “FindAWritingGroupin[your state/country]” eg: FindAWritingGroupinNewJersey


7: In the next box, Enter Your Group Email Address, type the same thing (cut & paste if you prefer)


8:  Describe your Group:

Cut and paste the following into the text box:


<strong>Welcome to Find A Writing Group in [YOUR COUNTRY/STATE NAME] - part of the FAWG network <P>
If you're looking for a writing group or you'd like to promote one.  If you want start up something new or just want to connect with other writers online, this is the place for you. <p>
Feel free to add a brief description and/or link to your writing group(s), but please put them in the relevant county folder within the 'Links' section. <p>
For more information, visit the main FAWG website: <a href=""></a>.


9: Click on the tab marked ‘Continue


You should now be on Step 3 of 3

10:  Choose your email and your Yahoo! Profile.


11: Type in the requested code and click on the tab marked ‘Continue


Congratulations! You’ve created a FAWG Yahoo group for your state/country.  You’re just six clicks away from finishing.


12: Click on ‘Customize your group


13: When the next window appears click on the tab marked ‘Get started


14: At the next window (Step 1 of 3), click on the tab marked ‘Next


15:  At the next window (Step 2 of 3), click on the tab marked ‘Next


16:  At the next window (Step 3 of 3), click on the tab marked ‘Finish


17:  At the next window (Congratulations!), click on the tab marked ‘Go to group


There now.  That wasn’t so hard, was it?

You’re now the proud owner of a bouncing baby Yahoo group!


I recommend creating an individual folder for each county (or equivalent) in your state/country

within the ‘Links’ section so folks can add details and links (if they have them) for writing groups in their area.


Don’t forget to email me ( with the new FAWG Yahoo group address and those of your website and/or blog (along with a brief bio) so I can add you to the Find A Writing Group page on the main website.


If you're the moderator of an existing group and want it to be included, please cut & paste the following html into the description on the Home page:


<BR ...>

You can find or add details of writing groups throughout [YOUR COUNTRY/STATE NAME] in the relevant county folders within the links section.


<BR ...><BR ...>

As with setting up a new group, it's a good idea to set up an individual folder in the 'Links' section for each county (or your local equivalent) within your state/country, to help people find and place their links in a more organized way. 

When the FAWG group's up and running, please email me: admin@FindAWritingGroup.comwith a two or three line bio, together with a link to your blog & website and I'll add the details to the "Find a Writing Group" page. 


Jon Gibbs


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