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Would you like to help me build a 'Wall of Wisdom' on


I'm going to create a "Wall of Wisdom" page here on the website.  It’ll look like a stone wall with graffiti on it, but the graffiti will be words of writerly wisdom and encouragement contributed by writers from around the world, and the ‘signatures’ will be linked back to the blog OR website of the person who gave the quote.

I’m looking for short, one-sentence advice and/or encouragement for me to put up on the ‘wall’.  It can be something general eg: “Find out what works best for you and do that” or something more specific like “You should use adverbs in writing about as often as you use the ‘word hemorrhoid’ in day to day conversation.

What if I've not been writing long, can I still take part?
Sure, and don’t feel you have to come up with anything amazingly wisdomous.  The idea is to provide something useful and/or encouraging for everyone.  Whether you've been writing 30 days or thirty years, you're welcome to take part.


Other folks may offer conflicting advice, but that’s okay, like spouses and children, advice should be ignored or embraced at the reader’s discretion.


If you’d like to join in, follow this link to my blog on Live Journal, where you’ll find details of exactly what I need from you.

Thanks in advance for taking part,

Jon Gibbs 



“Praise will make you write more, but only criticism will make what you write better."

Aimee Love  (Alabama, USA) 

"The hardest part is starting, so just pick a spot and go. It'll figure itself out."
Amanda Heroman (Louisiana, USA)


"It’s incumbent upon you, the author, to resist the pull of advice that feels wrong to you, regardless of the source." Andrea J. Wenger (North Carolina, USA)

“Don't try to tell your characters what to do--just put your fingers on the keyboard and let them do the talking!”    A.M. Boyle (New Jersey, USA)


"Never be discouraged by rejections. Eat some chocolate and send another
batch of queries."     
Anna Serra i Vidal (Spain)


“Two Rules: If you love to write--write. If you want to be published--improve.”
A.R. Williams (Virginia , USA )


“On First Drafts: Don't worry about getting it RIGHT, just get it WRITTEN!”
B.G. Lashbrooks (Indiana, USA)


“Don't worry about what genre or audience you're writing for. Write what you love and the rest will follow.”   Debi Matlack (Florida, USA) 


“Inspiration + Perseverance = Magic.”
D.L. Webb (Texas, USA)

"Be responsible for your own brain." 

Elizabeth Inglee-Richards (Delaware, USA)


“Roleplay is the best remedy for writer's block.”
Ellen Roepert (The Netherlands)

"Write what you know.  People underestimate what they DO know and how it can be put to use.”  
Irene Peterson (New Jersey, USA)


“Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard.”
J.A.Campbell (Colorado USA)


“Trust your fingers and keep going where they take you.”
Jennifer George (USA, California) 

“Figure out what works best for you, and do that, a lot.”

Jon Gibbs (New Jersey, USA) 

“Don't start with backstory; give the reader a reason to care about the character first.”   Kam Oi Lee (Chicago IL, U.S.A.) 

 "You, the writer, need to know how exactly the protagonist gets from point A to
point B; that does NOT mean the reader needs to read every step he takes."
Karen Wester Newton (Maryland, USA) 


“Turn lying awake in the middle of the night into a time to dream yourself into your next project.”  Katherine Quimby Johnson (Vermont, USA)

“Be patient with yourself, keep working, and remember that writing (and all
 art and creativity) is an act of love.” 
Mary Johnson ( New York and Connecticut,USA)

“Avoid describing a room as white or grey. That just tells the reader you were staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike.”  
Mike Stone (England)  


“Write at least 100 words each and every day for a year -- it will ingrain the writing habit in you and teach you to write even if you feel you have nothing to say.”
Pam L. Wallace (California, USA)


"Valuable ideas strike unexpectedly and at odd times, so keep a pen and notepad and don't be afraid to use them - except, of course, while driving."
Richard P. Weiss (Pennsylvania, US)



"It's easier to revise crappy writing than to revise a blank page."
S.A. Bodeen (Oregon, US)


“Read all day long, and night too, if you can spare the sleep.”

Siski Green (Michigan, USA)


“Fiction writing is that kind of beast... just when you think you can mold it with the best of them, it refuses to set, just like Jello.”

Stephe Thornton (Georgia, USA)


"Writing is a process of re-writing."

Stuart A. Etter (Ecuador - American living abroad) 


“Write the story you want to read.”
Tracy Dickens (Oklahoma, USA)




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